Shopper Messaging.

Our communities depend on their hometown IGA grocers to keep their loved ones nourished, healthy, and safe. And during this unprecedented time, shoppers around the globe are relying on stores and store teams more than ever. We encourage each IGA retailer to keep their IGA shoppers informed about all the things you’re doing to continue serving them well during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Resources include:

  • Suggested Message about Weekly Circulars and Sales during the pandemic:

Due to the global pandemic, demand for products is more unpredictable than we’ve ever seen before. To ensure product availability, some planned digital and print promotions have been suspended and purchase limits have been put in place. We’re still running as many deals as possible – just look for the signs on shelf and save. We appreciate your understanding as we work together to slow the spread of COVID-19.

  • “Our Promise” letter template

Download and customize this letter to share with shoppers on social media and via email to let them know how you are working to deliver a safe and reliable grocery shopping experience.

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  • Signage

IGA has created a number of signs for purchase or printing on your own to help you communicate important information to shoppers, including tips to prevent virus transmission and an “Our Promise” sign that speaks to what you’re doing to protect and serve shoppers.

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  • Social media

Many retailers are using social media to communicate important information to shoppers. We’ve prepared ready-made graphics and suggested posts to keep your shoppers informed, including:

  • Guidelines from the CDC on proper hand washing and how to prevent the spread of disease
  • A reassuring message about IGA’s promise to shoppers during this unprecedented time

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  • A blog for IGA shoppers

Share this blog from IGA CEO John Ross asking American shoppers to stay calm, trust in IGA retailers and the supply chain, and avoid panic buying.

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  • Ad Drop-In

Let your shoppers know what you’re doing to deliver a safe and reliable place to shop—during the virus outbreak and beyond—with our ready-made ad drop-in.

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