Community Outreach.

See how IGA retailers are going above and beyond to meet the needs of their communities by:

    1. Sharing positivity to their communities.
    2. Offering a reduced/free lunch for kids under 18 in lieu of school closures.
    3. Replacing a page of their ad with information on hand washing and steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (see available IGA resources).

IGA Retailer Example

1. Sharing Positivity to the Community

Main Street Bath IGA asked their followers to share photos of what they’re grateful for, and the community delivered! With over 65 comments, there are photos of cuddly cats and dogs, beaches, kids, partners, games, and more.

Asking everyone to share their good vibes in photos.

2. Offering a reduced/free lunch for kids under 18

Granite Falls IGA is offering a $1 lunch for kids who are impacted by school closures.

Share Your Story.


IGA is eager to learn how the Coronavirus is impacting your business. Please share your story with us so we can learn from each other.