IGA Minimum Safety Standards.

See the required COVID-19 safety protocols for ALL IGA retailers.

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Rapid Response eCommerce.

With so many shoppers turning to online shopping right now, IGA has partnered with Mercato to provide an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that’s ready to go 24-48 hours upon receiving your inventory files.

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Text Alerts.

Looking for an easier way to stay on top of IGA news? Subscribe to receive IGA news via text!

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Employees for
Labor Shortages.

IGA and Survey.com are reallocating the labor force for assessing our stores by making 45,000 individuals with retail experience available to IGA retailers who need help due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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New Facebook Group for Best Practice Sharing.

We have renamed the IGA Hometown Proud private Facebook group to focus on Best Practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Share your store’s best practices and see what other IGA retailers are doing during this time!

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With 1,000 IGA grocery stores throughout China—and IGA China headquarters located in Wuhan, the point of origin for the disease and the most concentrated area of the world for Coronavirus infections and deaths—no retail organization in the world has more insider knowledge about what it’s like to face a Coronavirus outbreak. We are using the insights from our Wuhan IGA China office, industry association partners, and manufacturers to present information that will help us prepare for the progression of the disease within the U.S. and other countries. Please check back frequently for the latest updates about the disease and its impact on independent retailing.

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